Kim and her miracle surrogacy

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Kim and her miracle of surrogacy

Kim’s history began in 2005 when she was diagnosed with fibroids (fibroid tumors). At that time she was alone and had no children. She was 34 years old. Kim has always considered herself healthy and  hasn’t ever thought on issues such as a tumor or cancer. She went in for sports and worked as a personal trainer.

What to do now and  how to live with such diagnosis, she didn’t know. Most of all she worried about the possibility of having children. She was lucky, she appealed to the best doctor in Texas regarding fertility. He has explained her that if she is planning to become a mother, it is better to do it in the next 5 years. Her fibroids were growing  steadily all the time, the operation was necessary.


When Kim was 35 years old – she made the first myomectomy. Doctor successfully removed eleven tumors. From the very beginning, he has explained Kim that the operation will not affect her fertility. Kim, together with physicians, developed a plan for 5 years, as a result of which she was supposed to be a happy mother.

Happiness to be pregnant

Kim was able to become pregnant at age 39. Pregnancy was proceeding well, but because of myomectomy, she gave birth to a son by caesarean section. The presence of fibroids in the muscle tissue of the uterus does not affect the baby’s health. A miracle happened, Kim had a son.

Kim was happy to have a son, but her fibroids continued to grow continuously. It was decided to carry out a second myomectomy. The doctor removed more tumors.

In 2012, her body recovered after the operation and she decided to become pregnant for the second time. Kim had almost no chance of having another child. One and a half year Kim did not give up, but she could not. Fibroids were not the only reason, she was 40 years old and at that age it was practically impossible to become pregnant.

Miracle of surrogacy

Kim’s stubbornness is commendable. After the birth of her first son, she felt all the charm of motherhood, and could not accept the fact that it was the end. She was going once more to become a mother of wonderful child in any way. The idea of surrogacy regained her hope. New problam for Kim was absense of  surrogate mother. She did not know about the process of surrogacy, how much time and money it requires. She wanted this process to begin as soon as possible.

Kim discussed the new opportunity with her sister Erika. She, more than anyone else, knew about the sister’s problems and wanted to help, but did not have such an opportunity. But when the Erica’s daughter, Sidney, learnt about surrogacy, she immediately decided to become a surrogate mother for her. She was generous and responsible. It was a gift from heaven for Kim.


They met with the doctor and discussed all the details. The nearest one and a half year was very emotional for Kim, she spent a lot of time, efforts and money. Hope faded with each attempt of embryo transfer. Two attempts were unsuccessful. The process of the third transfer was successful, the pregnancy was confirmed. In spite of this, soon Kim was disappointed, it was a false pregnancy. She was incredibly disappointed and had no strength to continue. It was very hard. Everyone said to Kim, that she need to stop, but she decided to have a last chance, thanks to a man,  who supported her all the time, and with whom she got married. He was the support for Kim.

July 27, 2015, fate gave her a son. During 3 years she was desperately trying to reach the goal. Finally, she did it. Now she had a full family.

Kim has never imagined that she became a mother with the help of surrogacy. It was for her greater miracle than the natural pregnancy. Kim runs her international company of fitness accessories now. She has a wonderful family – a loving husband and desired children. Only with the help of surrogacy she was able to become a mother again.

Agency VittoriaVita admires the tenacity and success of Kim. She shared  her heavy but enjoyable experience with everyone. We do not believe that someone can be happier than a mother who has passed so difficult way to the birth of children. It is worth noting, that the percentage of success of our IVF programs,  using donor eggs and passing analysis of CGH on 24 chromosomes, is 90%.

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