Will be age limits for IVF in Quebec canceled ?

Comments: 0 | June 10th, 2015

IVF for those who are over 42 – soon it might be possible

Government of Quebec is going to make some changes in the laws concerning usage of IVF in Quebec due to which women who are over 42 will be able to use in-vitro fertilization.

According to the current legislation only women in the age of 18-42 are accepted for such a kind of infertility treatment.

It’ll be responsibility  of province’s college of physicians to identify if a patient is really eligible to be fertilized in such a way and bear a child to term on her own.

Another suggested amendment to the law is the abolition of quite a specific rule – signing confirmation about having active sexual life for a long period of time as an obligatory condition to be accepted to the program.

As the Minister of Health explained such a condition earlier, it was set to be sure that quite expensive medical procedure is not performed unsuccessfully because of the natural factor.

Abolishing of age limits for usage of IVF in Quebec might have a favourable effect and give an opportunity for mature women to become mothers avoiding using surrogacy abroad. But Gaetan Barrette (Minister of Health) stated that it would be quite complicated to make such changes.

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