In Italy, the doctor illegally stole the women egg cells

Comments: 0 | May 23rd, 2016

On the 13th of May in Italy, was arrested a famous Italian doctor Severino Antinori. He was placed under house arrest for suspicion of stealing of egg cells from patients who were treated by him. The doctor  studies the problems of artificial insemination. He became well known in 1994, when his patient, 63-year-old woman was able to give birth to a healthy baby using assisted reproductive technologies. At that time she was the most adult woman in the world who has given birth to a child.

The reason for the Antinori arrest was the complaint of 24-year-old citizen of Spain, which previously was treated by him. Woman accuses him of illegal egg collection. She had a course of hormone therapy in his clinic. The woman signed an agreement for surgery, but there was no information, that she would become an egg donor.

Severino Antinori claims that he is an honest man, and has never engaged in the theft of eggs. Doctor’s defense also denies all accusations. Doctor was dismissed from medical practice. He is under house arrest. Police confiscated several embryos from the clinic to diagnose whether they were created using a stolen woman’s egg cells and whether the woman is an egg donor.

Not only in Italy, but all over the world there are more and more deceived people every year. Before you make decision about surgery, it is necessary to study the information about the clinic and its specialists. Check out the clinic license and certificate of professional, examine photos before and after the operation of other clients. It is very important to pass additional tests to make sure of the need of operation and absence of contraindications.

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