Intended Parents: Victims or Cheaters?

Comments: 0 | November 5th, 2014

Marina. She is just 29. From day to day she will give birth to the third child….but not hers. Marina is a surrogate who has been bearing a child for one Swiss couple. Everything was going on good… but suddenly  intended parents decided to stop the program…

Every year more and more spouses who struggle with infertility come to Ukraine in the search of their “surrogacy happiness”. It’s not strange as Ukraine is one of the most surrogacy-friendly European countries.  Well thought-out  laws  protect the rights and control the duties of both: a surrogate and intended parents. It’s a pity but in the cases dealing with people’s conscience and moral values even the best laws are powerless…

Internet is over-full with the instructive stories about the tricky surrogates who just want to swindle intended parents. But why we don’t  write about  “unlucky” intended parents  who without any pangs of conscience refuse from their future child?!

…Orphan and a single mother of two children. Marina made up her mind to become a surrogate mother to buy an own flat for her and her children. In the reproductive clinic she was matched with a Swiss couple. Respectable and reliable middle-aged spouses. Both nearly 50.  Surrogacy program started immediately after the signing of the contract.

Successful embryo transfer, checkups and timely payments. But being on the late months of pregnancy, Marina received a letter from Olena and Teodor. Totally ignoring the contract and Ukrainian laws, intended parents decided to stop the program ON THE 9th MONTH OF PREGNANCY in Ukraine and try once more in the USA. “…It’ll be impossible for us to bring our child into Sweden. We won’t come into Ukraine. Solve everything on your own”.

Finding  really a silly argument which completely contradicts Ukrainian legislation, Olena and Teodor easily refused from THEIR OWN child dooming him for the orphanage in the strange country. How is it possible to call such a couple?!

What shall do a surrogate mother with a boy who will appear in this world so soon? Hope that such intended parents “who desired a baby so much”  will incur the strict sentence. Luckily, ignorance of Ukrainian Laws doesn’t exempt from their liability! Our team members will observe how the things will go on to keep you informed about all the details of such a shocking case.

In conclusion, I can only add that we are always responsible for those we tamed. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a cat, dog or….a surrogate who bears YOUR child under her heart.

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