How to increase the level of testosterone in the blood?

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Testosterone is a sex hormone that is produced in the man’s testicles . It is very important for the formation of quality sperm, in addition, testosterone levels are closely related to the health and potency.

What can low testosterone levels cause?

Unfortunately, many men, even at a young age, have very low testosterone level, which could be one of the causes of problems with conception.

The lack of testosterone leads to such problems as:

– decrease in libido;

– impotence;

– lack of secondary sexual characteristics;

– reduction of the size of the testicles.

In addition, a lack of testosterone negatively affects the nervous system, state of  bones, skin, fatty tissue and muscles (for example, increased irritability, and then depression and insomnia may develop osteoporosis, etc.).

How to increase the level of testosterone in the  blood?

A healthy sleeping.  Only in the deep sleeping phase the majority of sex hormones are produced. Therefore, the level of secretion of hormones depends on how good is a sleeping of the man. Healthy sleep should last 7-8 hours in complete silence and darkness.

Proper nutrition is the main source of nutrients for hormone synthesis. To balance your diet and provide the body with nutrients necessary to include in the diet minerals (zinc, calcium, selenium, magnesium), vitamins and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. The most useful products for the male body is fish, seafood, nuts, greens and berries.

Weight. Overweight is a main indicator of low level of testosterone in the blood of men. Increase of adipose tissue promotes the active conversion of male hormones to female estrogens. To increase the testosterone level it  is necessary to normalize your weight.

Physical activity is the most effective way to increase testosterone level.

No bab habits. Alcohol affects the male body negatively , and as a result affects the process of sex hormones production. For example, alcohol stimulates the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and the beer contains analogs of female sexual hormones, which is bad for hormonal balance. You need to stop abusing alcoholic beverages or to limit it number.

Low testosterone and infertility is not a sentence. To solve this problem and acquire the offspring, you need to normalize your sleep, weight, and also to include in your diet more healthy food and reduce the consumption of alcohol.

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