The impact of smoking on fertility

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Smoking is one of the urgent problems of the modern world. It causes irreparable harm to the human body, it affects the heart, blood vessels and lungs. But the fact, that smoking may be a cause of infertility, not everyone knows. Let’s look upon how this bad habit leads to infertility.

Smoking and female infertility

Smoking is irreversible effect on female fertility. The more she smokes, the less her chances of getting pregnant. Even if a woman is a passive smoker, this has a negative effect on her reproductive system and can lead to miscarriage. According to statistics, every third smoking woman suffers from infertility.

What consequences does female smoking bear?

  1. Reducing the number of eggs. The longer a woman smokes, the worse the tobacco affects the ovaries, egg lose their ability to fertilize and die.
  2. Change of eggs. Substances which are included in the tobacco smoke, promote the appearance of anomalies in the egg cell and reduce the amount of estrogen.
  3. The possibility of premature menopause, which occurs in women who smoke a few years earlier.
  4. Hormonal disorders (violation or lack of menstruation).
  5. The risk of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and premature births.

Unfortunately, the carrying out of procedures and acceptance of medications will not give results until she gives up smoking.

How smoking affects male infertility?

Men’s dependence to nicotine is so strong that many people can not imagine life without it. They do not realize that this habit can negatively affect fertility. Lots of men start smoking in adolescence, and some of them don’t give up such detrimental habit.

What happens as a result of smoking?

  1. Reduced activity of semen (13%) and the number (up to 23% of normal). When smoking history is up to 10 years – the number of active sperms can be reduced to 30%, and when exceeds 10 years – 60%.
  2. Increase semen viscosity.
  3. Smoking gradually affects the morphological changes of the sperm and its DNA.

All these changes in the male reproductive system lead to infertility. Furthermore, various vascular diseases may be result of longtime smoking. For example, vascular atherosclerosis may be one of the causes of the problems with potency.

Smoking not only affects the natural fertilization, but also artificial. The possibility of conception decreases regardless of smoking man or woman. Women who smoke have reduced implantation indicators and they need more gonadotropins. That is why the majority of IVF attempts fails for them. Men smoking greatly reduces the effectiveness of the method ICSI, and increases the chances to have a child, you must absolutely stop smoking.

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