German IVF mum is going to become mom of 4

Comments: 0 | May 7th, 2015

Even in 65 Quadruplets are Possible due to IVF

One of the most scandal and, at the same time, extraordinary cases in the world of IVF. 65-year-old German IVF mum is on the 5th month of pregnancy now and is going to give birth to 4 children soon.

As infertility treatment using ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) is strictly banned in German, Annegret Raunigk passed the IVF procedure in one of the reproductive centers in Ukraine. Fertilization was conducted using donors’ eggs and sperm. Despite doctors’ predictions, all four embryos successfully turned into fetuses. As the reduction wasn’t performed in time, Annegret is bearing quadruplets now.

Being already a mum of 13 children, Annegret made up her mind to become a mother again on the request of the youngest daughter Lelia (nine) for another sibling.

Critics say that such a pregnancy shouldn’t become an example for others as significant risks are quite possible for Raunigk’s pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure and pregnancy diabetes the pregnant is suffering from might result in serious health problems for babies like celebral bleeding, problems with hearing and sight and even paralysis.

Now Annegret Raunigk actively takes part in different TV-shows. Attitude towards such a case are quite contradictive: some people are for, other are, of course, against. But we wish Annegret give birth to healthy babies and good luck in their bringing up.

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