Embryo donation: what to do?

Comments: 0 | June 28th, 2015

What to do with the rest of embryos?

Each eight minutes a child is given birth at the USA but more than 6 mln of women suffer from infertility. More of such couples desiring to become parents apply to various reproductive centers hoping that in-vitro fertilization will help to make their dream come true.

But usage of IVF might cause the huge amount of the rest embryos. As the statistics states nearly 1,5 mln of embryos are frozen at the USA now.

IVF is not a cheap but it’s one of the most effective kinds of infertility treatment which provides high successful rates.

One of the most problematic issues concerning performance of IVF procedure is ethical problem – what to do with the rest of embryos?

Couple can use them for the further IVF attempts, donate them to their friends, relatives or allow their usage for the scientific researches. Anonymous donation for the unknown infertile spouses is also possible.

Most fertility specialists prefer to limit the amount of the embryos for the first IVF cycle to avoid the multiple pregnancies which might cause various complication in the course of the pregnancy and delivery.

The USA government finance the program of embryo donation to make IVF more affordable for common people.

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