Dane egg donors started to cell oocytes abroad

Comments: 0 | June 28th, 2015

Dane became active donors of eggs abroad

It’s much more profitable for Dane egg donors to donate their oocytes abroad but not on the territory of their country. It’s caused by the peculiarities of the Danish legislation regulating egg donation according to which donors get compensations only for the further recuperate procedures (maximum fees – 2400 krones).  Dane don’t get any fees for eggs themselves.

That’s why, egg donors from Denmark prefer to donate their oocytes at other countries of the European Union. The general compensation for egg donation in Spain is 900 Euros (nearly 6700 krones), in Sweden – 9000 krones.

According to the local mass media, one of the most influential cryobanks of sperm is going to provide Dane donors with paid vacations – a possibility to donate oocytes abroad at the reproductive centers of Greece and Cyprus Republic. It’s predicted that depending on the destination of egg donation, Dane donors might get nearly 11000 krones for such a procedure.

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