Chinese scientists have created HIV-stable embryos

Comments: 0 | August 22nd, 2016

In China, scientists have published a report about the experiment on interference in the DNA of human embryos. The purpose of this study: to create HIV-stable embryos.

They used the embryos for the experiment, which were formed for IVF procedures, but were not used. Experts used about 200 embryos. They were all unsuitable for IVF because of an additional set of chromosomes.

During the experiment, some scholars exposed to mutations some embryos to change the immune gene (CCR5). This mutation affects the CCR5 protein, so virus of immunodeficiency  loses its ability to penetrate into the T cells and the embryo becomes invulnerable to HIV.

As a result of the experiment, 15% of the embryo successfully passed modification. For the moment, scientists couldn’t achieve high efficiency, but it’s not scary, because for IVF can be chosen only the best embryos with a mutation.

This technique makes it possible to eliminate congenital diseases and escape epidemics. Despite this, now there are many opponents of intervention in human DNA. To do this, before the researchers there is a task to introduce a ban on the use of this method with the aim to produce modified people. As long as the moral and technical problems are not solved, they don’t plan to apply the new methodology.

The prospects of development in the biotechnology  are discussed for a long time. For example, in 2015 in the UK was allowed the implantation of embryos mitochondrial DNA. In the future, scientists plan to overcome the scientific and moral barriers and begin an era of mass fetal gene therapy. It will allow to avoid serious diseases, such as AIDS.

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