Black market of sperm in China

Comments: 0 | July 1st, 2016

In China, infertility is considered the third most important disease after cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Now the level of infertility is constantly growing, every tenth couple has troubles with conceiving. To increase the chances of pregnancy, many Chinese resort to donor materials (donor sperm or donor eggs).

According to Chinese law, a sperm donor can become a man from 22 to 45 years, who passed all the necessary tests and has no contraindications. In addition, there is a rule that a man can become a donor only once. Therefore, legally use donor sperm at the medical center, the Chinese need to wait their turn for years.  Such services cost about 10,000 yuan.

Due to the growth of infertility more couples apply for the search of a sperm donor on the black market. Donor sperm and infertile couples can find each other on specialized websites. On the black market, there are no restrictions, donors do not pass medical tests and are not examined. Here is offered insemination by spraying semen liquid from a syringe or by sexual intercourse with the donor.

Making such a choice, the spouses do not think about the consequences. At first, sex with illegal sperm donor can make the husband jealous, that will lead to problems in the family. Secondly, there is a huge risk of disease and legal arguments. Couples pay a little money for the realization of their dreams, but risk of the woman’s health and the health of unborn child.

To avoid the consequences and have all chances of success, Chinese couples can ask for help in other countries, where sperm donation is permitted and regulated by the law, and most important – does not require long wait and costs much less. In these countries, there are clear requirements for sperm donors, so couples can be sure in their own health and the health of the future baby.

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