In Australia, a woman got married to the genetic father of her child

Comments: 0 | August 19th, 2016

The love story of the Australian pair won the hearts of readers of the Western media. In Australia, a woman got married to a sperm donor, from whom she gave a birth to a daughter.

Long before they met Amina Hart had to go through a difficult stage in life. She lost two sons: Marlon died on 14 week, and Louie – when he was  1. The reason was serious genetic disorder that affects only the male sex. She took a long time to recover and relax. After these tragic events, she still had a desire to have children. She understood that could not live without children.

To solve this problem, she applied to the center of reproductive technologies. Experts explained her that she could give birth to a baby only with help of IVF. To do this, before embryo transfer was carried out genetic research to determine the sex and possible diseases that are transmitted through the male or female line.


To pass IVF procedure, a woman reached out to the help of a sperm bank. The preparation process lasted several months, and Amina was able to get pregnant. After 9 months, she gave birth to a daughter Leila.

When the baby grew up, the woman decided to tell her about the genetic father. Sperm donation is an anonymous process, so to find her father was not easy. Mysteriously, the woman could find him. In social networks, she got in touch with him and explained that she didn’t need support in the daughter’s upbringing, but just acquainted them with each other. Firstly, Scott doubted, but when he saw a picture of the baby, he immediately agreed to meet.

After meeting, the man admitted that the girl really looked like him and his children. They began to meet frequently and soon Amines and Scott began their love affair. One year later, he proposed to her and they got married.

Amin Hart could never imagine that he got married to the sperm donor. She not only gave birth to a healthy daughter, but also created a nuclear family. A woman wrote a book, “How I met your dad,” which described in detail the tragic phase of her life and its happy continuation.

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