How to become an egg donor?

 An egg donor can become woman from 20 to 30 years, who anonymously  donate own eggs to another women and get financial compensation fot it. If you wish to help infertile couples, you also will become an egg donor. First of all you should contact us by phone, Skype or email. Our coordinators will answer all your questions and arrange your first visit to our clinic.

 How to donate an egg?

To gain admission to the donation program, a woman must go through four stages.

Stage 1. The first visit to our clinic.

Future donor passes the examination by a physician and gynecologist, doing the ultrasound and  such analyses:

– the General analysis of blood;

– analysis to determine blood group and RH factor;

– tests for AIDS, herpes, syphilis, Hepatitis B and C.

When the test results are ready, the therapist and the gynecologist did not reveal any contraindications to the program, our coordinators set the date of the second visit to the clinic for final examinations.

Stage 2. Second visit to the clinic. The candidate attends the counseling psychologist,  take the analysis of the secretions and carry out cytological studies. All examinations are paid by our Agency. An egg canbecome only a healthy woman who has passed all the tests and they showed no contraindications.

Stage 3. The signing of the documents. If the test results are good, the woman signs the contract with the medical center about the oocyte donation program and gives its written consent to the holding of stimulation and ovarian puncture. If she’s married, she must provide written consent of her husband. When all the documents are ready, a woman can become an egg donor. Her data will fall into the donor base of the Agency, where it will be able for choosing  by the infertile couples.

Stage 4. Synchronization of cycles, the holding of stimulation and puncture of ovaries. More details about this stage can be found in the article “What is the process of egg donation?”.

become egg donor

An egg donor provides her fresh photos and fills in a special questionnaire, which are stored in strict confidentiality. These data will allow us to select the most suitable donors.

Where to donate eggs?

A few years ago, the couple needed the egg donor had to look for donor by themselves. Now there are many clinics and agencies that have their own database of egg donors and can facilitate the search.

We co-operate with one of the leading reproductive medical centers in Ukraine “Rodynne Dzherelo”. Here are carried out all medical examinations and tests. In addition to the primary screening, the doctor conducts medical examination of donor before every puncture of the ovaries. Center uses only modern technologies and high quality equipment.

Our coordinators are monitiring the timely implementation and test results in accordance with the schedule. All procedures necessary for the puncture are also held here.

The ideal candidate donor is a woman from 20 to 30 years, who has children of her own, but has no bad habits and distinct phenotypic features. If you think You fit this description, You need to contact us and go through the list of medical examinations. To donate You can, when the doctor confirms that Your condition meets all requirements. The process of oocyte donation is a brave and noble thing that plays an important role in the formation of a new family.

As egg donors are young healthy women under 32, egg donation is quite a successful method of infertility treatment.  In some cases, egg donation is the only chance to conceive and have a long-awaited child. But sometimes using egg donation is not an easy decision for childless spouses.

The total cost of treatment