Becoming a Surrogate. Surrogate Mother Requirements

Nowadays surrogacy is one of the most effective methods of infertility treatment for women without uterus or those who can’t carry a child on their own because of different contraindications which make pregnancy dangerous. Usually, it’s caused  by genetic diseases like oncology, diabetes mellitus etc.

How to become a surrogate mother and help infertile women?

Generally, each mature woman who is under 35 and has, at least, one healthy child can become a surrogate mother. But according to the Law of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 from 09.09.2013 there are some additional obligatory requirements for a potential surrogate mother like absence of any contra indications to pregnancy and bearing a child,  chronic and infectious diseases, bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction. Psychological (absence of nervous and psychological disorders) and somatic health, clean record are also required. In addition, at least, 12 months should pass after the last childbirth.

Become a surrogate mother, you, first of all, should write a special surrogacy agreement about your free-will wish to  take part in the surrogacy journey, pass an interview and cope with psychological tests. After this you have to pass the complex integral checkup and all necessary examinations to be allowed to become a surrogate mother:

vv_ico physician’s checkup;

vv_ico complex gynecological checkup;

vv_ico photoroentgenography;

vv_ico Complete Blood Count (CBC);

vv_ico syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B and C;

vv_ico bacterioscopic analysis of discharges from vagina, urethra and cervical canal;

vv_ico US of small pelvis organs.

Each surrogate need to show the list of documents:  a passport and an indicative code, a birth certificate of her child, the documents which confirm her family status and clean record. If you are married, your husband’s written agreement for your participation in a surrogacy journey is required. Pay attention: in some cases, married women aren’t allowed to  become a surrogate mother!